Monday, March 30, 2009

I am still pretty happy over the pics i loaded up yesterday. Its the first time i have really thought i can start to see a lil of my body shape coming out. Yesterday i went for a 25 minute walk...then met my sister up at the shops...last nite we had a bbq at mums...they only had sausages and marinated chicken wings so i ended up grabbing some marinated steak to take over.

This morning i went to the gym and told fiona about the photos she said she has my membership photo on file which is just off my face and she can really tell...anyway she said she would like to see the photos so i emailed her a link for them today. So did my resistance training...after my carry on for weeks that balancing on the half balls and doing squats without holding on i finally managed to do them...for two sets even. So was very impressed.

Then went and met mum, my sister and nephew at the shops...and we went to hungry jacks for lunch...disastrous eh? Nope...i had the grilled chicken burger and a diet very impressed with myself. Tomorrow i think i will go do a body balance class...think its on at 1pm ... then wednesday will be rest day and back in on thursday for my PT boxing session.

Can't believe tomorrow is my last day of not overly bothered...i miss my routine altho it will be a adjustment getting up at 6.45am on wednesday morning !

Not much else to i go..enjoy ur monday all !

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Tina said...

Yes, you should be very proud of those new photos Kazz. The difference is amazing.

I can't believe your holiday is nearly over. Where did that time go??