Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pic Update

Just a quick pic update...i am kinda amazed at the pic LOL

March 29 2009 :

Febuary 20 2009


Hippygal said...

Wow girl looking great there :-)

Tania said...

LOL ... it would seem all those hours in the gym are paying off. Be proud Kazz, you're working bloody hard to achieve this. said...

Looking good girlie!

Keep at it! :)

psychologal said...


I'm a Tardie friend. Follow your blog occasionally. OMG you CAN SEE the difference. GO YOU! You are a champion. I am very proud of you for all the PT work, esp. the boxing!

You know who you are and how you can make yourself a happier "you" by getting <100. And, my (new) friend, you are going to do it. By August, I bet! That's not long ... watch out world (inc. your world of lesbian friends and contacts!).

I have read maybe 20 of your blogs over six months. You rock, and you're an inspiration to me - completely.