Saturday, March 28, 2009

The good and the bad

wel im sick yet feel great. Okies so as i said last nite...i was going to weigh in this morning and log me weight on jillians site...not so great 136.4 kilos. Then as I promised myself i got dressed and headed to the gym...i need to find a decent tasting and nutritionally balanced protein shake for those early mornings at the gym i just cant do breakfast before i go. Anyway so i grabbed a banana on the way there a bit early so got on the bike for 15 minutes YES on level FIVE...i cycled for 15 minutes and in that lil ole 15 minutes i cycled 6.64kms, my heart rate was between 131 and 144 and i also burnt 100 calories. I then went to body pump...yes very proud...i made it there and did it...and it wasnt too bad people...its prolly one of the better classes I have done...I liked it much more then RPM...i was actually 20 minutes into it before i even looked at the time lol. So i walk in theres a trainer there ive never met before...talking to one of the trainers i do know i walk up and say i havent done this class before...sarah says oh karyn takes PT so her form for lunges and squats etc should be fine lol...mostly i coped okay...the stomach muscle exercises prolly tested me the most and were a lil hard...but i did yay the class went for 60 minutes and i really did bust my butt. I am going to aim to initially do that once a week...i think i may talk to fiona about changing my tuesday PT session to a monday cos the only evening class of pump is on tuesday evening. Anyway i then came home and have been in bed all day since...i really have felt off colour on and off for a few days and this afternoon/evening ive felt like ive had a fever as well as a headache. My fan has been on me...yet ive been cold...maybe i over did it this morning? i maybe i have just caught not sure...but im hoping spending all day in bed and a good nites sleep and ill feel better.

As for food....I have done great on 1770 calories...ive eaten 1686 calories...with 31% being from fat, 23% from protein and 46% from carbs,,,,im suppose to be aiming for 30% for fat and protein and 40% from carbs..i dont think i did too badly...eating protein is always a issue for not a big meat eater but after those blood tests of course i need to bekeeping that protein up.

I also changed my PT session to monday morning this i can see my sister on her last evening here (tuesday nite). Not much else to say...presuming i feel fine tomorrow i am going to walk around to mums in the afternoon...its about a 50 minute walk and hopefully my feet done hate me after for it...but they seem better with my gym shoes so we will see how it goes.

Jo - thanks for the compliment about the layout...i must confess i did it all on my ownsome =] i have dabbled with graphics and web design for years...and being able to do my own blog layouts was always something i wanted to do and so one day i thought bugger it im gonna figure this i whipped up the image in paint shop pro...and then worked out the html side of it...must say i like it...and i love that i know have control so i can change it at the flip of a coin...mite have to do a jillian or L word layout next LOL

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Tania said...

Well done on the bike today mate - you did a great job! Hope you're feeling better soon.

As to the blog layout - why not a "Kazz's girls" layout, then you can include Jillian and Gaby ... lol ... just a thought!