Monday, March 09, 2009

Weigh in day....

Well jumped on my scales this morning and they are up. I was perfect yesterday so I am guessing its a combination of things...saturday nites meal (while i thought i picked well i could see oil in it and it was very spicy so i suspect it was high in sodium) also i suspect TOM could be on its way. I have just drank 1.2 litres of water to try and flush it out a bit (but i think its futile this close to weigh in) but its not the end of the world. Last week was a strange week with not being 100%, not exercising as much as even if i do gain not a big deal these things happen.

It is actually a public holiday here today but I am lucky enough to be working (do you detect the sarcasm in my voice?) After work i will go over and visit mum for a while before heading to my ww meeting.

Less then two weeks tho and i will have 10 days off ... cannot wait ! I am gonna try several classes of body pump during that time plus a few different classes like their stretch classes and try and see how i like them.

Okies heres some photos...the first photo is me in year 7 at high school...i am in the front row...third from the right...skinny lil b*tch i was...

Next is a couple of pics from saturday nite...(photos courtesy of tina and jo)


Well I have decided on some changes....let me explain...those who don't know me...may not know i dont drive...i have just sat down and worked out that paying $59.90 for unlimited per month plus $10 for a taxi home each week which takes the total to $99.90 per month. I have been thinking where do I get my motivation from....honestly its not my leader is nice enough...but i dont find her motivating shes no "christina" I really get my motivation from the gym. Walking in there, have my 2 30 minute sessions per week with fiona where everything is focussed on my weight loss would also give me a extra nite for the gym. The more I think about it the more for me i think this may be the way to go....I will weigh myself each monday morning...and we will see how I go this week...if its no good...I can always just return to meetings.

I was watching US biggest loser last nite...and jillian was going a bit nutso over this chick....who has no injuries...isnt old...yet she struggles the most....and it really got me thinking...yanno yeh my left knee hurts a bit and my right heel hurts at times....but really im healthy theres nothing stopping me from kicking ass in the gym, so whilst i never say i cant there are certainly times i wonder if i im gonna start to more look at it as a challenge more so then...oh heres another thing i cant do

When leaving work today lynsey (one of the managers) stopped me and asked me how i was doing...i was like im good...she then said "you are looking really good your face is so slim now" heh felt awfully good....then she was asking me what exercise i was doing...was really nice...

Okies enuff to watch so you think you can dance


Tina said...

Good luck for weigh in tonight Kazz. You might be surprised.

It was a great night Saturday night. We must do it again sometime soon.

Tania said...

Hope weigh in went well mate - will jump over to facebook soon to check! As to giving up WW - have to say i've considered it over the last week and the only reason i'm not willing to do it is because i'm not disciplined to go it alone - you on the other hand have done AMAZING things and you have the exercise as a focus and a great support network (believe me that helps). Thanks for the chat on the way home on Saturday night too - helped a lot to hear the changes you've made.

Jody said...

Ok Kazz, while Tania is right...the exercise...the support...buttttttttt ww makes you accountable. So, as you say, you can always go back. Think about it. Not that I have been around yrs now when you have quit ww and thought you could do it on your own...wink wink.

I just have worries about not having that accountability.

TTFN I gave you my whopping 2cents.