Sunday, March 08, 2009

Okay I was tagged

I've been tagged by Shelley at Shelley Shrinks

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So, seven facts about me.

1. I spent 6 months living in Malaysia as a baby

2. I swallowed a 20 cent piece when I was younger which had to be operated on to be removed

3. I am a lesbian (ground breaking news I know)

4. I don't have a drivers licence yet have managed to be in 3 car accidents

5. I did ballet and dance as a kid and performed for a season at the opera house in "christmas at the opera house"

6. I did some modelling in a hair magazine as a kid

7. My dad is the most fabulous man I have ever known

7 Unspectacular Quirks

1. I was a supervisor in a bank for 10.5 years

2. When I get to a lower weight I wanna do a certificate in fitness

3. If I sit on the ground and stretch my legs out and point my toes touch the floor

4. My dad bought us a dog when I was about 4 ... I named her fritz.... I was loving fritz at the I never eat it

5. Regardless of what anyone thinks I do think I am a princess and you will endear yourself to me more if you call me that lol

6. While I can be very unladylike at times...I love candles and all good yummi smelling stuff

7. I think jillian michael is to die for

8. I didnt tag anyone else cos I am a lazy ass and cant be bothered with blogger and adding links and if you read this and wanna be it and lemme know and i PROMISE i will read it lol

1 comment:

Tania said...

LMAO - a lesbian princess - well that I never knew :-)