Sunday, March 08, 2009

The weekend

Well I was slack yesterday with posting eh? Lets see,,,friday nite i didnt go out...i came home cooked a yummi beef stirfry and had a early nite. Woke saturday morning feeling good...the increase in my iron is certainly helping me. Went to the gym and did RPM but sob sob i was late and had to sit at the back of the class (not great for perving hahah but i could see her arms nicely...and seriously these are arms to die for !) Did the class...i really need to get some nice and thick undies for that class i think...3 classes later and my ass still hurts on those seats. I do wonder while Im doing that class wtf i put myself thru the torture lol my thighs arent sore this either they are getting use to it or i didnt work hard enuff yesterday lol. Anyway then in the afternoon i went to see the doc...he told me that i am in the early stages of anaemia i told him this week by increasing my iron rich food i had started to we decided no supplements at this point and instead try and fix this by my diet. Hes told me any meal i have iron in i should have vitamin c with with my weetbix at breakfast he recommended a mandarin or orange, lunch the same with my sandwich and also one at dinner. Now i dont mind mandarins but 3 in one day? I mite have to have a glass of orange juice at least one of those meals...and what this means is my distribution of points will change...mandarins are only .5 points so think i will mostly go for them. He then weighed me (loved his scales i was only 134 kilos on them lol), he measured me and im 174 cms not 173cms lol so not sure if that will change my goal by a kilo or so or not. He then also did my waist measurements and then told me i need to be retested and see him again in 3 months yet ANOTHER person im accountable too lol

Then went out last nite. Tania drove in and it was nice to chat to her on the way in and out...was funnily enuff a lot of weight loss talk lol oh and maybe i mentioned how hawt gabby is to her too ! LOL Anyway dinner was lovely...i only really knew tania altho id met tina once before...and im always kinda quiet till i know people well...but they were all real nice gals. I had beef with lemon grass sauce was really yum altho a lot of oil came out of it...followed by a hot chocolate...i had 15 points left and had RPM'd it that guess is cos it was so spicy it may have been high in we will see how the scales treat me monday nite lol (im not expecting a big loss)

I was home by about was a nice nite i enjoyed...oh and drama free,,,,what a novelty lol

Okies...enuff rambling....despite it being a holiday tomorrow,,,,i do have to work and there is a meeting tomorrow ill be back after that !

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Tania said...

Woops, sorry I forgot to add the drama - I know how princesses can't cope withou it ... lol ... was a good night though, thanks for coming in with me.