Friday, March 06, 2009

so pissed off

omg im so pissed off right now and really wondering if i really should be. After 2 months of felicity saying she doesnt wanna discuss what happened, that it hasnt affected our friendship blah blah...i look at facebook and there is a status saying (and its not the point of some dumb ass electronic gift its what this symbolises !) she has sent whatever to 93 of her friends....she has 95 friends on facebook and guess who didnt get one? im so tempted to just delete her off facebook at the done ... im over all the chit...i just texted Leigh to say im not going tonite maybe its simply time to break contact with both of them,,,,,overrrrrrrrrrrrr it !


Jody said...

omg Calm down!!! Who cares??? Gee just go out and have fun! LOL@you gonna delete her off Facebook...shaking mah head. You do entertain me!!

I love you kiddo, just ignore the grade school drama.

You were so looking forward to going out all week and some grade school drama and you want to stay home...blah!!!!

Go out and be yourself and dazzle the crowd and ignore everything else.

kazz said... ur a pain in my ass sometimes ! Am going out tonite so its all good....and omg i have some gossip to tell u when i see u next on smooochies !