Friday, March 06, 2009

Its fridayyyyyyyyyyy yay !

Well FINALLY blogger is working ... it was being a ass earlier which pretty much goes along with my day so far ! Firstly i feel pretty good today...woke up about 6.50am and got up 40 minutes before my alarm went up checked emails.etc etc....and headed off to work...missed my bus...had to catch a different bus...then once i got to work my ww ginger bar i had put in my bag wasnt there !!! it must have fallen out :(

I am starting my no cafe challenge today lol so i have on my desk at cardboard, textas and stickers lil art project

So yes leigh did message me and ask me about going to the wheaty tonite. Her ex apparantly rang her and asked her out while she was dealing with the kids and as she said when that happens she will say yes to anything lol so i said i will go but no going onto the mars bar for me after as i need to be in tip top shape for my perv session erm i mean my RPM class tomorrow morning ! lol...she said to me...kazz i never knew u could be shallow thoughts? if you gotta go to the gym and can go when the view is good...go THEN !!!!

Whilst the doc said dont change my diet i have changed it a lil this week. I had a huge pot of spaghetti one nite with lean mince and lots of mushrooms and spinich, i have had roast beef or ham everyday for lunch and also another nite i made a pasta dish with a heap of spinich in it so i suspect all that spinich and red meat is helping. My trainer noticed last nite i didnt get lightheadedness at i think i could be on to something.

Jody - thanks for those nice messages you left on msn (so unlike you !!!! LOL) and shelley i will do the tag thing over the weekend

Okies have a good friday all =]

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