Thursday, March 05, 2009

Not a good nite at all !

Well last nite was not a good nite. Went to bed around 9pm listened to Jillians radio show...then when it finished rolled over and went to try to sleep and suddenly i was getting pains in my stomach (same pain that took me to hospital in november)i got up took one of the tablets they gave me back in a shower let the hot water run down my back for out felt fell asleep....come 1am i woke with the pains went thru the same drama of another med and a hot shower...i then thankfully fell asleep till after 7am this morning. My stomach still feels a lil ginger ... so in my first break i am just gonna eat one weerbix and see how my stomach handles it...if that goes fine i will have the other 2 for lunch. I have decided on week i am going to do a "princess's no cafeteria challenge" Our cafeteria at work got taken over by some new people...its much cheaper and much better....BUT they have lots of yummi snacky food ! They sell individual tim tams, bertie beetles, fudge and jelly beans. Now its all proportioned and when i have eaten them i have counted it in my points...but i think maybe i visit there too often LOL. So tonite i will pick up a sheet of cardboard and some stickers and chit and make a chart and stick it up on my desk at work and the aim is NO cafe visits all next week.

Tonite after work i have to dash to the gym for my PT session of boxing (or boxingmania as fiona called it last week lol) then i have to scoot from there off to the shops to get the grocery shopping done.

Hmmm just got a text from Leigh asking me if i am going to the wheaty friday

Okies off i go to do some work !

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Shelley said...

Tag! You're it! Love your blog, want to know more about you! Do you accept the challenge?