Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Gym Plan..

I am starting to get brain is in a new and strange place...firstly i can't wait to go to the docs...i hate the docs and needles...ESPECIALLY needles ! i often faint from them...but im excited to think i may have a injection and start to feel better...its like the next stage...i WANT to go to the gym...MORE...i am really getting to the stage where i am loving the gym...and i hate not going...and i know that sounds bizarre cos im so not a gym person...but i feel good when i go i like the girls, i like knowing i got exercise in for the day, and i LOVE what its doing to my body. And once i get these iron levels sorted out you watch i am going to F***ING kick ass...i have been sitting here planning next weeks gym plan....this is what i am going to committ too...

monday - public holiday
tuesday - PT session - resistance training
wednesday - RPM
thursday - PT session - boxing
friday - 30 minutes on the cycle
saturday - RPM and i mite try body pump

That will be 5 workouts for the week and all but one is cardio ! Its amazing how im changing....i have NEVER been into the finding that amazing in myself...i am so glad i started to go to RPM i really think i am the type of the person who needs the structure of the classes...

Okies well its bloody freezing...i need to go have a shower to warm up my bod...have a good nite all

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