Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I am in shock at the moment. I have some friends dev and dayne who have been together ever since i have known them ( a couple of years now ) they had a committment ceremony a few years ago and never have i know a couple so suited. Anyway they ahve changed their status on facebook to single ! Theres been a trillion comments about it obviously everyone is thinking like me...but i am stunned...specially as they were at the pub on sunday and NOTHING would have made me think they are about to split up. STUNNED absolutely STUNNED. Even more stunned is i was watching biggest loser last nite talking to dayne in msn as i did...and she was fine...

I didnt make it to the gym last nite i missed my damn bus :( (which adelaide metro got a complaint email about the asses !) but maybe it was a blessing...cos i went home...was tucked up in bed by 9pm and altho still tired today i feel better then i have for a week or two. I will do my session tomorrow nite and then the RPM on saturday morning...then have a long talk with the doc on saturday afternoon.

I was in the shower last nite (ok no naughty stories here lol) but anyway i noticed my stomach on the sides is start to concave in...i was so excited hahahha omg how sad is that ? lol but it is very exciting to truly being to see and feel differences in my body.

When i was at mums the other day she minded me how for my mums hubbys 50the birthday (14 years ago) i lost weight and managed to weigh under 100 kilos...she then said...when he has his 65th bday/retirement party at the end of 2010 you should try and get back under 100 which i educated her i plan to be under 100 kilos by this thats a lil goal for by his birthday to be at goal (with a hawt chick on my arm of course !) Mite even if i do manage to do that....there is a outfit marina from L word wore that i adore mite even if i get down dig up a photo of it and get a dressmaker to whip it up for me ! I am busily searching on ebay...I am currently in my tops a size 22-24 so i wanna buy a really nice size 18 top that i can hang on my bedroom door and admire and work towards so thats how i will spend today .. oh and doing some work too ! lol okies off i go

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