Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday (yes another boring heading lol)

Well i am still a very happy gal today after last nites weigh in. I am convinced at this point the exercise is playing a huge part for me. I weigh myself daily (yes bad i know but have for years so kinda understand my bodys fluctuations) anyway i am fiding the 24-36 hours after i do cardio the scales drop...so in other words...work my butt off and ill get the results ;) I did contemplate this week while sorting out with the docs whats going on to skip the gym but i feel that would be a backward step. Hopefully on saturday he will give me some kind of iron supplement. so i need to just get thru another 3 day after today...if he still doesnt cos he wants to run tests etc i may throw a lil tantrum ;)

Robyn messaged me last nite and said...i hadnt had a chance to tell u but me and jayne are together...we chatted a bit about it ... i told her im not bothered...as long as she is happy....i still think shes a great chick regardless and so glad we are friends. She then asked me about leigh n felicity...i told her im over it all and to be honest i prolly should thank them ... it was all that chit that made me throw myself into "me" and focus on my weight loss. I told robyn truly at this point i dont want a relationship...i know me damn well enough to know it would be a distraction....thats not to say if someone came along I would push them away....but I am certainly not gonna run around persuing anything. I would prefer to completely focus for this entire year and get under 100 and then in 12 months let my hawt body loose on the adelaide lesbian comunity !! hahahha !!!!

So today i have PT YAY funny how i actually look forward to the gym now...i LOVE LOVE LOVE how my life has a level of routine to it now. And i really look forward to the PT sessions (and it has NOTHING to do with the fact i will prolly see her HAWTness gabby training her clients tonite lol) I remember back when I was a kid and did ballet (when i was about 10) and i did ballet on tuesday nites and i always looked forward to it thruout the day...its kinda like that...that kid like joy. And as fiona said to me last week this is "you" time that 30 minutes is about me and me only...

Euphie thanks for your comments...i have read a bit up on the iron thing and what you said i read about the going to the loo stuff lol.

I do have a gurls nite this weekend...i am going altho i may not go out with everyone after dinner. I will see how I feel if im still buggered like i am now ill do dinner only if im feeling better ill go out after too.

I emailed tracy yesterday to see if i can borrow her "choose life" tshirt to wear to robyns bday party...so thats a go-er and she will bring it when i catch up with her and laura for morning tea during my week off work.

Okies i think i have rambled enuff and i am at work so should go do some...oh by the way...that 1.3 kilos takes it to 13.8 kilos in 10 weeks :)


Hippygal said...

You are doing awesome and so focused :-)

Tania said...

mmmmm interesting about the drop in scales after cardio - I do need to increase mine, I so, so want to go back to Fernwood, probably should wait until I settle into a routine of working 4 days a week first!