Monday, March 02, 2009


Well woke feeling like a piece of crap AGAIN...i went to the docs and my doc wasnt there but i saw another one...the blood test results from saturday were back (how fast was that?) anyway your iron levels should be 12.1- 15.1 apparantly...mine was only 7 so thats not too good. I said should i eat mroe red meat etc he said dont take anything u need to see ur actual doctor and that combined with the liver results u may need more tests. So I have a appointment with my doc on saturday at 2pm. So i just need to get thru this week then hopefully they will do something cos i cant keep going feeling like this.

My jillian michaels book arrived today...YAY !! im happy about that OF COURSE

And for the weigh in result lol...i lost 1.3 kilos which i was happy with (altho maybe a lil disappointed lol i was hoping for closer to 2 kilos) so now this coming week i need 1.1 kilos to reach my 35 kilos since joining ww 2 years ago...and i am now officially the LIGHTEST i have been for 4-5 years. I lost 1.2 kilos and i will have my 3rd 5 kilos since rejoining ww in december and also my 10% since rejoining this coming week i will be working my sweet ass off !

Okies off I go....enjoy all


Euphie said...

Low iron levels really suck! I was so low in iron that I passed out in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy on Melbourne Cup day a few years ago. Everyone (including the doctor) just thought I'd been have a bit too much fun in the sun.

I don't each a lot of meat (although now I'm living in sin with a fella there are more meat dishes for dinner). Also, I was a regular blood donor at the time so it was just a matter of time before I just ran out of juice.

I also became quite anaemic when I was running regularly - exercise can deplete iron too.

Anyway - the point of this comment it to commiserate because being anaemic is physically exhausting and it messes with your brain too.

Also, a warning about iron supplements. They are an excellent way to get your iron levels back up quickly but jeepers they make for explosive antics in the loo!

Tania said...

LOL @ being disappointed with 1.3kgs - read back a couple of entries (the advantage of catching up all at once) you said you'd be happy with 500 grams!!! I think i'd be doing cart wheels if I lost 1.3kgs, especially given how my losses have been going.

Hope that the iron levels need nothing more than some red meat, spinach and perhaps tablets!