Sunday, March 01, 2009

Adelaide is too small a city...

...especially if your a lesbian ! Gawd damn....i was so looking forward to the pub today and having some time out without leigh and felicity. So anyway i got there....and i was so proud of ME...firstly...i drank one diet coke the whole time i was there =] not one drop of alcohol passed my lips. Then dev went and bought some potato crisps and offered then to me....then another girl (who i hadnt met before) bought a cheese platter...holy crap....but again i said no thanks....THEN they decided to get pizza ! I said no thanks...they rang and ordered it and i thought okay if i leave in 30 minutes time i should miss the pizza arriving...i was just saying to robyn im gonna go soon and i look up and who do i see? yep u betcha...leigh n felicity. And straight away robyn turns around to me and says are they togethe? im dunno...maybe? lol then felicity came over gave me a hug...i asked her how she was then her and even tho robyn moved her chair over and said grab some chairs they went and sat on the brick wall behind us...i spoke to leigh for a few minutes...then about 20 minutes later stood up and said to them im which leigh said..gee thanks we came to have a drink with like...well yeh ive been here for 2 hours tho...i then said goodbye to the other gurlies (who figured out i was leavin to avoid the pizza) can u seriously believe how small adelaide is? While were all really not overly comfortable when its all 3 of us together...i feel felicity thinks i did the wrong thing...and to be perfectly honest i cant be bothered dealing with it and its easier for me to leave.

But that said i am wrapped with how i handled things in relation to the food ! OKies i be back after weigh in tomorrow nite.


Hippygal said...

Good on you for handling the food well :-)

Tania said...

OMG - you turned down cheese and pizza? who are you?

Can understand the whole uncomfortable thing though - never a nice situation and yes this town is too damn small ... lol