Sunday, March 01, 2009

Could I be starting to enjoy the gym....

Well woke this morning and my thighs are killing me ! LOL omg so damn sore...everytime i sit or bend over .... but they obviously got a good workout so i will take it as a good sign lol

Its strange....I get something out of the gym....not sure what....and so often when im there im watching that damn clock (well except during my PT sessions) but there is something very motivating about being around fit and healthy and happy people. I am even tempted to go in before work this week. (I start work at 9am this week !) I will set my alarm for 6am in the morning and see how i feel...but its definitely a thought there (fiona my personal trainer would prolly die of shock if i turned up so earlycos when we make appoints im always like,,,,,nothing before 9am please LOL)

This arvo going out to the wheaty, about 4 of my friends are going but there about another 4 or 5 girls i havent met before who are going as well...and its times like this i'd like a chamagne or two but as i said the other day time to "suck it up princess" and only diet coke i have weigh in tomorrow and i dont want anything affecting it adversely. So today is the first time dayne, dev and robyn will have seen me since january 2....i have spoken to dayne and she has seen my pics i uploaded and she said ive done well in such a short time so will be interesting to see their responses when they see me LOL

Okies i will be back afterweigh in tomorrow with the results - have a good day all !

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Tania said...

Lol @ you "get something out of the gym" - wouldn't be a good opportunity to perve would it?