Saturday, February 28, 2009

Survived another RPM class !

Woke at about 7.15am this up...went to the docs and had the blood test (and yes no problems finding a vein again either !) and then i dashed into town to make the RPM class...but OH NO her royal hawtness gabby wasnt taking the class today !!! So after kicking the bike...i jumped on it and got stuck into the class. We had sarah today taking it....she was rather good..i liked her parts of the class you have to pedal standing which friggin kills and puffs me out last time i didnt manage it once but this time...i did 3 times ! Now admittedly theres about 8 times you do it in the class...but 3 times i thought was great...and my butt n girly parts only really hurt the last 15 minutes of the class so i thought that was a big improvement !

The scales have moved a lil so far this week but not not expecting a huge loss this week (500 grams would be nice tho) but regardless my fitness levels are increasing, and my measurements are going down so it is all good.

I have thought quite a bit about the docs appointment yesterday and theres a few things i am going to focus on, now when he told me my liver results he u drink? i was like....well maybe once a month....he then said do u binge drink? (my mind was clicking over very fast thinking that depends on ur definition mister !) but i said...i dont think so LOL then he asked if i do any drugs...too which i was like nooooooooo never touched any (which i havent) andhe told me normally you only see results like mine in alcoholics or drug users...hmmmm so i think the alcohol needs to go. There is no point getting healthy in every aspect if when i do drink it is harming my liver. So before i even know what he is going to say on wednesday i am going to cut out the alcohol...thats not a big deal for me...i do tend to like a drink if i am meeting people for the first time but it may simply be a case of "suck it up princess". The next thing i decided is no more going out at least till this is all under control when i have to work the next day...i did that last weekend then felt crap all this week so i'm gonna cut that out. And i am gonna aim to eat red meat 3 times per not a big lover of it....i mean ill eat it but if its a choice of chicken or red meat i will always go for chicken. So after the gym i ducked into the shops and bought some roast beef for my sandwiches. I also bought lots of vegetables....and as tania pointed out yes i did buy spinach (admittedly ive been slack with eating it lately) i also bought mushrooms, baby sinich leaves, tomatos, carrots, zucchini. tonite i will make spaghetti with mince and i will add lots of spinich plus grated carrots, zucchinis and mushies. I need to find some other recipes for red meat dishes that i will like too...tomorrow arvo im going to catch up with the girlies at the wheaty so i thought for a quick n easy meal i will make spinich and ricotta canneloni tomorrow nite. And i do have some other red meat cuts in the fridge (gawd knows what they are or how ill have them but they are there....i will try and have some this week too !)

Okies i am zonked...1.20pm and i am really sleepy...even too tired for backgammon...but i downloaded the changling and get smart movie so think i may take the lap top into the bedroom and watch them....have a good day all

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Tania said...

And there I was thinking you wouldn't know where to go in the supermarket to buy vegetables!!

Another suggestion for red meat and vegetables in a "concealed" manner that i'm eating regularly now is meatloaf.