Friday, February 27, 2009

Test Results

Well went to the docs...i dont have thyroid is fine and my cholesterol is fine...but part of the functionality of my liver is raised (had a simlar problem back in 2007 but its higher then bak then now) and my red blood cells are small which are apparantly indicative of anaemia. So back i go tomorrow morning for another blood test to check my iron and B12 levels. I guess the soothing thing to me is what i am feeling isnt im just gonna keep plugging thru till they have worked this out...and if it is anaemia that is pretty simply treated apparantly. I wanted to do the RPM class tomorrow but as i have to fast tonite and then get the blood test in the morning dont think i will make it to the rpm class in time....but there is a body pump class on at 10.30am with her royal hawtness i think i mite go into the gym after the test and try the body pump class. Everything else is ecstatic that i dont have to be up at 5.30am tomorrow lol I am off to make my dinner...have a good friday nite all


Tania said...

Good news about the diabetes, time to up the red meat and spinach (probably a good thing that it's on the "kazz does like" list of vegetables)!

Hope you get some positive news from the next test results.

Hippygal said...

Thats a great thing that it is not diabetes but good luck with finding out what it is though...Have a great weekend :-)