Thursday, February 26, 2009


OMG today has been a good day !! Yes i am tired but regardless its been good !!! I was up in customer relations again for half the day .... and they have told me how well i do. Then as i was leaving my boss mary said to me today...your skin looks so healthy! A huge reminder its not just about those scales, I like how Jillian views scales...she says all the scales are is a compass to tell u if u are on track or not.

Then after town i went into town for the i had to go to medicare n then had about a hour to waste before the gym and i was sitting there with my banana and diet coke and this girl sat near me with bloody mcdonalds ! And i mist admit i was tempted...then thought no bugger it grabbed my bag and went to the gym ! I did 24 minutes on the cycle then i did my PT session which my trainer fiona called "boxing mania" lol anyways i worked real hard my heart rate was up and i was one tired weight loss princess by the end of it. She said i am doing really well and am very good with the co-ordination and steps etc (prolly no surprise when you consider my dance background) she also said i am really strong with my must have been a good workout !

Then i had a 6inch roast beef subway for not a huge fan of roast beef but its was friggin yum!

Saturday i am going to do RPM and intend to sit near the front of the class...not for the perv factor...but well yeh maybe for the perv factor ! lol

Sunday arvo i am going to the wheaty to catch up with a few of the dying for the sleep ins this weekend...yay its friday tomorrow...have a good friday all =] Ill be back to post once i've got my blood test results tomorrow arvo


Tina said...

I can't keep up with all the exercise you are doing Kazz. Good for you.

Good luck with your blood test results tomorrow. I hate waiting for test results. Hopefully you will get some answers.

Tania said...

LOL @ McDonalds - amazing how you don't think about these things until someone thrusts it in your face! Well done on making a good choice.