Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Okay let me preface this by saying yes jody everything you said I have considered. My unliited membership doesnt run out till 16/4/09 so have plenty of time to just return and nothing change. That said I am trying not to focus on the fact ill be weighing at home...but cos everything will stay as is except for where i weigh in. Jumped on the scales this morning and was down 100 grams. I have decided this week I am going to be spot on with my points...so not 24.5 or 25.5 every day spot on 25 points...and then i wanna look at what loss i get. Yesterday on my scales i was 136.6 kilos (still not as great as on my docs scales !) I also think TOM may not be faraway i was one moody bitch last nite...needless to say i went to bed by 9pm lol. Me and Leigh did discuss the felicity drama via text last nite which prolly wasnt wise considering my mood...i told Leigh when she said she liked me at my bday i now wish i had told her to shut up lmfao....funnnily enuff she wasnt really appreciative of that comment ;) Anyway she was like...until u and felicity discuss this u will never sort this chit out...so this morning i sent felicity quite a lengthy private message on facebook...i completely expect her to answer with nothing to discuss we are fine...i told leigh last nite if this chit cant be sorted out i am going to need to break off friendships with both cos its friggin too much drama and does my head in.

Anyway onto other things...robyn messaged me last nite...her 30th is coming up weekend after this one she was like are u going to stay overnite? (the hall were they are holding it down at largs bay has beds) but i said as i dont know a lot of people going (i only know a handful) i prolly will go home that nite...robyn as like im gonna introduce you to my sister i think u two would get on real well...hell introduce me to the lesbians sounds better hahahh

Off to the gym tonite to start my new program....gawd only knows what she is going to have me doing this time...she told me she is going to mix it up more this time and she feels im at a intermediate level now so i highly doubt its gonna be overly easy but im sure its all do-able lol

Anyway not a lot else to say...have a good day all =]


Tania said...

Ok, firstly in response to Jody's comment - I think we all (Jody included) will be nagging you so damn much you'll be wishing you only had WW to be accountable to ... lol ... but seriously - I'm all for giving something a try if it feels right, we've been on this journey too long Kazz to not see the warning signs when things need a bit of a shake up - so simply put if you think you need a change, then you probably do and like you said it's only a quick process to go back if you decide it wasn't the right decision!

As to the dramas in your life - what's a princess to do? I guess that's the price you pay for being royalty ... lol ... and as for Robyn's sister, just in case you weren't aware of this there are some pretty nice girls around the place who AREN'T lesbians ;-)

Jody said...

Nicely said Tania!! Now let's just hope "The Princess" doesn't have her fingers in her ears going "LALALALALALA" She's a bit stubborn she is!!

Ok, I am going to admit something I don't do very often, because Karyn will have a bigger head than she always does, buttttttt Karyn has been my inspiration these last few months. I've rejoined WW for like the 100th time, she buys the ww scales and so do I...I've rejoined the gym. Every day I say, " If Karyn can do it, so can I" and I push myself. I look at the before and after pictures amazed at her progress.

More importantly I see the progress she's making in her personal life. Getting off the puter and fighting with REAL friends..hahaha!

Anyway, I guess I'm saying I don't want to see you quitting on yourself! I like the "new and improved" Karyn....psst don't tell too many people tho!!

Joanne said...

Hi Kazz, thanks for Saturday night, it was wonderful to finally meet you.
I am all for you dropping meetings in exchange for a PT session (and why don't you drive??) because if you aren't getting value out of the meetings, why not try something else?
WW is not the ONLY way to lose weight nor is it the only way to have some accountability.
You have come so far, I am sure you will be fine!