Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sticks my fingers in my ears....

...and sings LALALALALA...only jokingggggggggggggggg ! LOL...thank you for the comments.

Went to the gym last nite....and omg ... lol .... one of the exercises she had me do was stand on these things they are like half a inflatable u stand one foot on each then do squats while trying to balance (they wobble like crap) so anyway i do a couple and im thinking....chit i hope these things dont i say theyre not going to burst are they? LOL shes like "no karyn they wont" lol then we went to these other things....which are a piece of equipment that the navy seals invented anyway they are bolted to the wall....and she goes...i will preface this before you it will not come off the wall hahahhah anyway was a hard as hell workout, we did pushups against this bar she really does not realise what a weakling i actually am lol. But the good news is I didnt get lightheadedness once ! YAY the iron is helping.

Food wise i was spot on again yesterday....i sneaked a peak at the scales...and am really wondering if i am at the start of a plateau but im remembering what jo always says about how her body shape changes when she has a plateau so its fine we will cope ! But there are a few things i need to fine tune...those lil ww fruit biscuits...ive been counting 4 as 1 point....well 4 is two points - ooops ! I also have my weetbix at work...use their milk and i just pour till my biscuits are covered and count that as a cup of milk....i seriously dont know how much it my lovely sister sent me over a plastic cup with measurements on the side ... so will start bringing that in tomorrow so i can be more exact with that ... pretty much everything else i weigh .... to the point of being a nazi lol

I have also decided that once the unlimited ends on 16/4/09 i will then start tracking on paper. When i joined ww they gave me 2 12 week they would last me for 6 months...i have 2 mini points calculators plus my scales lol so i could do it via paper. And if i need anymore down the track i could simply ask tania to pick me up a couple.

As to the felicity and leigh and felicity did talk...i did tell her what i thought of certain things...and she told me all is kewl but she just doesnt wanna discuss leigh with me...which is fair at this point we have agreed to be friends and life moves on.

Oh how cute is manager went and bought everyone in my team a bertie beetle and ME???? ME i got scored a banana hahahahahahah !

Okies off i go

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