Saturday, March 21, 2009

Up earlier then the birds... alarm was set for 7.30am this morning and I was awake 6.15am think i mite be excited about going on leave? lol

I dropped 700 grams overnight so starting to get back on track. Today is gonna be another day of spot on eating and I think as a treat tonite i will have home made chicken burger for dinner ,,,, yum yum. I got sent a email for a free month of that quickflix i have 3 dvds here to watch...the first series of ally mcbeal plus the first 7 episodes of frontline. So tonite I think i will sit down and watch frontline.

So something else of interest may be about to not gonna say what in case things don't transpire...but I spoke to someone last nite and things went awfully well...i will tell u all more by next weekend at the latest...anyway im gonna go crawl into bed for another 40 minutes or so...have a good saturday all !

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