Saturday, March 21, 2009


I don't have to go to work for 10 days !!! YAY !!!

I am one happy girl...that customer from yesterday bugged me all last ntie...i spoke to my boss about it today...i think the whole depression thing made it worse (must admit i havent taken my meds for a few weeks) Dan basically said...was one phone call you have over 7 years of service which proves ur not rude to customers. Then after everyone left...he called me over to do my bi monthly one on one....all my results were way above the minimum...then he not let this customer rattle you and do not worry about this over your i feel much better (and yes back taking the meds)

Realised today my wage was $250 short !!! CHIT !!! my public leave loading didnt go thru which was worth $250 and that was to pay for my electricity i did pay it...but then realised i was short ive had to email the gym and ask if my payment can be delayed by 8 just about to start a new contract with them so hopefully it is fine...pissed me off...cos i put the loadings in for the first time ever it didnt upload properly...oh well at the worst i wont go to the gym for a week which will just mean my jillian dvds will get a work out LOL

I need to start thinking about a present for Robyns bday....i did think about sending her a bunch of flowers...but im undecided...she oftens says no one ever sends me flowers so im sure she would like it, otherwise i need to come up with something.

I have had another day of spot on with my for a shower...have a good nite all ;)

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Tania said...

OMG - a whole week off and no L word, what on earth are you going to do???? lol