Friday, March 20, 2009

Gawd what a pain in the ass today was. I had a run in with someone incredibly rude...seriously some people are just so damn rude. Then on the bus coming home im listening to my mp3 and the lady next to me starts staring im thinking wtf does she want....she then goes "its very loud" another lady (who she was with) goes its fine lol like damn its not loud...even when i hold it loose...she may have heard a whisper if shes got bionic hearing (one of the ear pieces doesnt even work) lol

Anyway when i finished work i got changed for the bus and headed off to the bus stop...and started thinking...mmmmm kfc....i was so friggin tempted to skip the gym and get kfc. Amazing how i can try and convince myself "oh it would be good to get the desire out of my system" but i didnt...i did go into the gym...did 20 minutes on the bike at level 20 minutes i cycled over 8km and then i went to go on the only spare treadmill and it gave me a "system overload" error dammit....then i went on the rower at level 7...think 1000 metres was optimistic of me...i did 500 metres and i was looking at myself in the mirror and my face was red as hell LOL I walked out knowing even tho was only 25 minutes i did work hard as hell for those 25 minutes...from now on everytime i go to the gym im gonna do that rower....monday i will aim for 550 metres. On the 20 minutes i burnt over 100 calories which i thought was pretty impressive

PS Jody - i sent u a offline msn message with a link for your daughter for L word online series...if you didnt get email me or leave me a message here

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Fiona said...

I love the rower - a real full body workout!