Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well took a sneak peek at the scales this morning expecting to be up anything up to 500 see the scales had gone in the opposite direction ! I really wonder if after yesterday seeing how i was exactly a month ago took some stress of me...and that helped...(or maybe im dreaming haha)

Didnt go to the gym last nite and honestly i was so glad...went home cooked a lovely dish of low fat carbonara...i then had a lovely hot shower...and visited ww chat whilst watching house. Was very nice and relaxing.

Tonite i am off to the gym for my boxing PT session. I am still sore from tuesday right hip/butt is sore plus the part of your chest where your arms join your body if that makes hopeful that when she stretches me out that may help.

This weekend I am having a "at home" weekend. Saturday morning i am planning to do RPM and saturday afternoon there is a fair on in the suburb i live in so may wander down to that. I need to get some housework I dont wanna do it all when Im on leave LOL...saturday nite i will sit down and watch the final episode of L word -sob sob - and then I have another lesbian movie which has one of the girls from L word. I am really just out for some time out and catch up on the domestic chit before my leave startttttttttttttts ! yay only 6 working days i go..

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