Friday, March 13, 2009

Keep reading .... theres a funny story...

Well did PT last nite....was boxing last nite...and she hammered me to say the least lol. She was focussing a lot on speed and my heart rate was definitely up. I expected to have sore arms today and they are a lil tired but they are fine. After the gym I grabbed a pepsi max while waiting for the bus....and i got stomach aches...same as i got a week ago after drinking pepsi max then too...the pepsi max i had admittedly had a slight strange taste...strange enuff that i checked the i have about 6 cans of it at home...once they are gone i am gonna get off the stuff.

Anyway for funny story of the day, I live by myself so generally when im home im naked lol...anyway so last nite i went to eat one of those new ww potato i take one mouthful and holy crap it falls on my boob anyway i so ladylike wipe it off and dont think too much else of it...i look down a hour or so later...and seei have a hige red mark with what looks like a have blistering hawt boobs people ! lol

Everything else is going good...the scales have dropped down over the last two days and i may make my 35 kilos milestone on monday morning...will let you know then. Okies off to do some work ... enjoy your friday all

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