Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm a happy gal...

Well slept in this morning and no way I could make it to i will do one of my dvds later...prolly one of my jillian ones.

Today not planning much apart from domestic duties and some relxation. Gonna make one of my fave meals for dinner tonite (pasta with evap milk with chicken, spinich, onion and semi dried tomatos in it yum yum) then tonite i will sit down and watch the last episode of l word :( and then i also have another movie (which is NOT porn lol i told the boys at work the title and they were convinced its porn hahahah) but its got one of the girls out of l word in it and hahahha is called itty bitty titty committee lol

The scales are still looking good...

I was thinking last nite....and dunno why i was thinking this but i was wondering if im truly happy...i was thinking a lot about how life was 6 months ago and then also 3 years ago....and u know what people? I can truly say I am happy. Sure my job sucks at times but as long as its giving me money in my pocket i dont care, i finally am on track not just with weight loss but on a healthy lifestyle...ive never gotten into the gym like i have lately...and even tho sometimes i wonder why the hell i put myyself thru the torture haha i am glad i do...i always feel better for it...i am so busy these days what with work...then dashing to the gym...then home and doing dinner....that im not getting so much time in front of the computer or when i do i am really enjoying finally getting what people mean about "me" whether its a soak in a tub, reading a book, outwatering my starting to appreciate that time more, i finally have a social life and friends...which is amazing in itself...what i am enjoying now is realising i dont have to say yes everytime they ask me out...i am putting me first...and if work or something else interferes with so be not thinking...well if i dont go they will never ask me out glad now that me and robyn are talking more too...we barely talked there for a bit unless i messaged i realise she wasnt ready to tell me she was seeing its nice seeing that ole msn window with her....and getting a chance to talk to really grateful for how proud i feel of myself right not going to meetings...yet im losing...its making me realise where my focus truly is...finally i am being accountable to me....and thats what i truly need to do this and get fit and healthy and stay there for the rest of my yep its a damn good day and i am a pretty happy chicka.

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