Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The scales went up but its goood !!!!

Okay....i know people will go oh kazz you shouldnt do that but deal with it this habit isnt going to change lol...but i do weigh myself most days twice a day....when i wake and often when i get home from work before dinner...anyway i came home tonite and the scales were the highest they been for a few weeks....137.1 kilos....i thought chit maintaining is one thing but to be putting on is another....i was severley pissed...but i came down and pulled up my blog and thought....i wanna know when i last had my period....cos i KNOW ive been spot on the only thing i can think is fluid retention and i did notice my jeans feeling a lil tighter this afternoon around my tummy. Anyway so im reading....and what do u know....i come to 11th febuary (and today is the 11th) where i had a completely bad day.....where i had crawled back to being online....and was moody....and then voila...15th feb i got my period....last time....i ended up 3 days of eating pizza...i feel ecstatic that ive made that yep for the next week or so the scales will suck,,,i think part of this is im becoming more a "normal" woman my last period was 6 days long which it NEVER normally is .... so i think this is just part of my body adjusting....and maybe even my PCOS starting to get under even tho the scales have gone friggin happy....its another sign of my body getting healthy =]

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