Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweat babeee Sweat

Went to the gym last nite...did 30 minutes of resistance followed by 30 minutes of boxing. Fiona commented how much my fitness levels have increased...she was like remember when we would break all the time cos u were woozy or tired...she like i use to plan breaks into our workouts now i dont lol At the end she time we can do 60 minutes of boxing...i must have looked at her like...ur insane woman lol cos she was like dont worry we would pace it out LOL at one point she even had me squatting against a wall boxing like chit ! LOL

My thighs are a lil sore today but nothing major.

Tonite off to dinner and the movies with tania...which should be fun.

Anyway gonna keep this short and sweet i have lots of important chit to do like make lunch and watch dr phil and oprah lmfao byesssssssssssssss


Anonymous said...

so jealous! and wish i could come and work out with you! maybe in the easter hols? Also, without being rude - would you be interested in some hand me downs?!? they are my mums, who passed away, and i can't bear to wear them or give them to vinnies cos they are brand new. I wanna know that someone i like has them?!?

kazz said...

Airlie - if you are gonna be in Adelaide at easter I'd love to meet up with you ! And yes I accept any handmedowns lol...

kazz =]