Tuesday, March 24, 2009

<3 holidays

Well have to say this holiday life suits me damn well ! LOL im loving it. This morning i met up with 4 friends i went to school with...we went to a coffee shop...one friend sat there eating baked cheesecake...but i just had a hot chocolate. It was nice seeing them...but they lead very different lives to me...and im afraid cake decorating and kids i dont have a lot of interest in. Then this afternoon i met up with jaimee (the blond chick in the main photo of the page layout) we went to a lil cafe cos she wanted lunch,,,,i hadnt had lunch...so simply had a tomato bruscetta with a small piece of chicken from Jaimees salad...was all very nice....and this bruschetta had so much tomato on it....perfect filled up on 0 point food ! LOL This evening i have a double PT session...I am presuming 30 minutes resistance followed by 30 minutes of boxing. BUt will find out for sure this evening...think i will be sleeping good tonite.

Tomorrow is a mostly lazy day...need to go to the gym during the day and then tomorrow evening me and tania are going to the movies and out for some din din.

Had a nice surprise yesterday...found out my sister is arriving saturday arvo for about 4 days,...so thats really good timing with my holidays too.

Okies time to go get ready for the gym...have a good tuesday all !

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Tania said...

Oh you have been busy haven't you - such a socialite but what else can we expect from a princess??? See you tomorrow night!