Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I still have a lil headache. My intention is to go to the gym and do body balance tonite..if my head is still hurting i wont go sweat tho as I have a PT session at 10.30am tomorrow morning...and yes I do have tomorrow off. So will be visiting the gym, some housework and then grocery shopping in the evening. I am getting excited about how close my leave is...I only have to work friday and saturday then the next 10 days off. I have lots of plans apart from attending the gym everyday except sunday, every day is nice and busy some fun stuff plus some things like getting my will redone (the not so fun stuff), podiatrist appointment, blah blah blah but im really looking forward to just relaxing but NOT sitting on my butt at home.

I am also going to ATTEMPT going swimming...i thought if i do it on a day when the kids are at school i can see whether i feel confident enuff getting in and out of the pool. I went swimming last maybe 2 years ago...and i was petrified getting out of the pool...if i can tackle this i could start swimming once a week just to help stretch the muscles out and just for a bit of relaxation.

I think at the moment I am going to stick to the etools...i need something i can do from any computer online...doing it via calorie king or sparkpeople i guess theres that "worry" that the calculations are wrong. So i will pay for 3 motnhs of etools when my unlimited expires then make more decision from there.

Im back on track today...admittedly with all my oj and what not i have gained 800 grams,,,but im not concerned,,,,and tania yes ur right ! The old me woulda got kfc...unbelievable to think i have not eaten KFC this year...admittedly i have had dominos...but no pizza fish n chips yay me ! haha but back on track...i am off for some fun training...have a good day all

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