Thursday, March 19, 2009

Up bright and early on a day off

Well up bright and early thanks to the workmen working on the house next door - thanks guys !!! lol anyway my eyes are still playing up...the problem being i cant take anything with ibuprofen in it ( so that rules out the likes of nurofen etc), panadeine forte which is what i am suppose to take knocks me out too much so i prefer not to take it...i think today i will stay away from the puter (after this post) and just guzzle water.

Went down 400 grams overnight ... which is good =] I went a lil crazy on ebay last nite. I bid on some lacy undies....mine all look like grandmas undies lol but these are real girly....they are brand new an size 20-22 and so they wont fit me just yet but will soon enuff. I also bid on a adidas tshirt which my bid is currently like $2.25 lol and another top for 0.99 cents...and this t shirt ill stick a pic up cos its hilarious

That tshirt i so wanna win...cant imagine why lol anyway time to go make me scrambled eggs...followed by my pt session...have a good day all



Mum ended up asking me to meet her for lunch. So i headed to the gym....and u know my life is far from i get there early have 30 minutes to spare so i hit the lil handtowel is hanging over the bar at the front where u hang on...and what happens?
LOL the towel fell...i shit myself cos i thought i was going to fall...then i thought the treadmill was going to eat my hand towel lol i couldnt stop the machine fast enuff luckily it flew off the end phew ! No wonder those treadmills freak me out. Then we did my PT session...i swear she has really stepped this program was bloody hard and i am expecting to be sore tomorrow. We then spoke about the session i missed...and we have set for tuesday for my PT session to go for a HOUR ! I am guessing it will be 30 minutes of resistance training and 30 minutes of boxing...lawdie ill be a tired girl ! lol Did go to cafe primo today...i did have one of thier was thin style lots of capsicums, chicken and tomato...very yummi ! Okies off to go...gonna play some gammon before i head off to the shops to do some grocery shopping.

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