Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Being sick and at home allowed me to have plenty of time to "think"...I pulled out michelle bridges book again today...and sat there looking at her exercise regime that she recommends...so have decided this is gonna be my permanant schedule:

monday : RPM class or 30 minutes on treadmill and 10 on the rower
tuesday : PT weight session
wednesday : body balance
thursday : boxing
friday : day off
saturday : RPM or body pump

I rang up and made a appointment for the podiatrist for next thursday whilst on leave. I am pretty sure he will say i need inserts for my shoes made. Hopefully tho once he does that...on fridays and sundays i can start to go for walks. Not all those classes i am doing will burn calories but its more about me attending the gym...and gaining that motivation i seem to get from the gym.

Anyway enuff...back to bed for me

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Tania said...

Sounds like a plan - hope you feel better soon!