Tuesday, February 10, 2009

YaY New shoes !

Another good day....dropped around mums and grabbed my phone then the PLAN was to go to the hairdressers (didn't make it there lol) i stopped at sports locker,...asked them if they sold the shoes athletes foot had recommended for me...and not only did they....but they had 25% off ! so $170 shoes i got for $127. So decided on the shoes instead of the hair lol my hair can wait till next week lol. I am wrapped with them they feel so light on compared to my old ones..i am keen to try them out tomorrow...the soles of my feet burn after 15 minutes on the treadmill so hopefully that will improve. Then i walked home and stopped at the garden store....bought a bird feeder and a chilli plant. So a good day all round and this evening I am doing a spot of washing with some relaxing before I head off to work again tomorrow...have a good nite all =]

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