Monday, February 09, 2009

Good news....

Well today has been a lovely day ! Woke early, played a game of gammon then headed into the gym, walked ina nd nikki was on the desk and was like how did u go at rpm on saturday? Then i was on the treadmill ( which i did for 20 minutes and kept my hear rate between 135 and 142 which my 85% is 152 so i didnt think that was bad. Anyway while i was walking on the treadmill gabby (who ran the RPM class) came over and asked me how i pulled up....i told her about my sore tail bone lol she thinks i may have bruised it....but i did say i will be back on saturday then when i was working out with fiona gabby yelled out "did karyn tell u she did RPM last saturday and she is doing it again this saturday?" lol it was really quite good how encouraging they all were. I also told fiona i wanna push myself more with the exercise and she got very excited when i told her i'd signed up for a second PT session....and we agreed to do boxing for it.

I then went home....had subway for lunch then went up the shops and bought a bathing suit ! OMG YES I DID !!!! SO when i wake tomorrow i am ringing the local pool if thye have a aqua aerobics class in the morning i will do a class if not i will just go for a swim. I wont do laps or anything .... more use it as incidental exercise...ive always liked being in the water iremember as a kid me and my sister being in the local pool doing somersaults and handstands and what not. Last time i went to a pool i was very scared of slipping getting in and out of the pool but hopefully now ive lost weight i will feel better about that. I then went to the beautician got the brows waxed and the nails done. The nails look ok...but the colour she put on is like a thick light pink...i prolly should have just got a clear one this colour is a lil funny.

Then went over to mums for a while and then to weight watchers and I was wrapped with the result. It was only 4 days since my last weigh in, i was wearing 3/4 jeans instead of cotton pants and i went from a morning to a evening meeting and I stayed the same....i was half expecting to go up as much as a kilo so the fact i still have no plus sign on my lil book is great....but look out next monday. When i walked in alison the leader came over to me and said are you still going to tuesday morning meetings? I explained i had been going to the city and was transferring and then she said to me ..... you can tell in your face you have yay yay and im glad i have a leader i already know.

Okies just watching the end of underbelly then off to sleep....have a good tomorrow all !


Jody said...

WTG!!! You didn't have a gain like you were expecting!! I'm so proud of you Karyn. Sheesh just reading your post and all the physical activity you are are so NOT the person I met and that's so fantastic.

Just look at all you did yesterday! Amazing!Before you wouldn't have done all of that in a months time, much less in a day! Good for you!

Ok off to work...ughs..wanna go for me??

Tania said...

Oh fabulous news on staying the same Kazz - well done!