Monday, February 23, 2009

Weigh in Day

Well must say I find the US version of the biggest loser so much more motivating. They dont do temptations or the walk or anything, they purely focus on the job at hand. Between commercials jillian and bob give trainer tips and i really like how jillian and bob are there for the weigh ins. Actually jillian was hilarious last nite...she cracked me up...her team had lost use of the gym and she was realising she may have to deal with outdoor she was so girly and dramatic going on about how she doesnt like sand and dirt etc lol Anyway i watched that and got all if i was sensible i woulda gone down stairs and put on one of her beginners dvds but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i had to throw on her cardio kickboxing lol and lasted a whole 7.5 minutes LOL I am planning to do the beginners front side one after weigh in tonite....and yes it is weigh in and yes i am going...fingers cross for a loss...any loss would be great !

This last week has really been kinda amazing. Its like the whole universe has been out there saying "look karyn look how well you are doing" making me acknowledge i am no longer 150+ kilos...i am the chick who can do a RPM class and survive it (and i will be doing gabbys class on saturday morning this week !), i am the girl who suddenly her hips are shrinking, whose fitness levels are increasing. Comparing weighing 138.5 kilos to 150+ kilos is a completely different place. I understand its only 10 kilos or so difference but to me its a huge difference...and it puts my perception of myself in a different place as well. And with that difference comes a happiness....and its a happiness with myself...that is reliant simply on ME. Its not reliant on someone wining and dining me....or on material possessions...or anything is the realisation that life is damn good...that i am proud of me...that I have so much going on and to look forward too and the realisation that all this good stuff i am getting is all because of life was chit and i dug myself out of that mite have taken quite a few years but i have done it...and weight loss is only one benefit of that...and of course i am not stopping now :)

As to felicity maybe she is J i dunno...i dunt think so but who knows...she did leave a nice comment under my photo in facebook and Leigh did tell me when felicity realised she would be late getting to the club friday nite that she messaged Leigh and said "look after kazz" so time will tell

Tania - the last wednesday in march works perfectly for lunch and a movie :) i have you all booked in ! hehe.

Okies since i am here at such a ungodly guess i should go do some work eh? Havefun all I will be back tomorrow with my weigh in results

Update : Friend from work josie who is married to another friend of mine sean (who is on my facebook) saw my pics on seans facebook...and just came over to me and said
"I saw your pics on facebook and you look beautiful, i knew you had lost weight but those pictures are amazing" hehehe how good is this?


Katy said...

How do you get to watch the US version? I'd be really interested! I'm also finding the challenges and "walks" are changing the dynamics of the "game" and making it more the "game" than about the reality show of people loosing weight.

Tania said...

Don't you get a buzz out of comments like that? I'll email you about the 25th and yep, you have every right to be damn proud of yourself!

Katali said...

Congrats on the compliments! You're doing fantastically.

You mentioned something about if we found any interesting nutrition links, to chuck them your way:

That's from the government health files -- the overviews of macronutrients (protein, etc) and why they're needed is quite interesting (quite scientific, but interesting) and the info on the diseases you can get from lack of x vitamin is cool, too.