Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thank you...

Firstly i have to say a big thank you to all the feedback regarding the pics not only to everyone who commented here but also my facebook and the ww forum =]

I am still amazed when i look at those pics. Leigh saw the pic of me from when i first started ww in 2006 the same one jody was referring to in her comments i will add it at the bottom of this post, anyway leigh sent me a text this morning that said "couldn't believe how you have changed" i have been quite honest with her about my weight loss n insecurities etc so was no big secret but from what she said she was a lil stunned lol

I went down the markets today picked up a bit of fresh fruit n veg. Its a bit of a dive of a market and gawd nothing decent there for lunch. I thought i could have a baked potato or something...they had 3 food shops...2 chinese stores selling fried chinese food and a bakery ! lawdie ! Needless to say i waited till i got home to eat lol

I have downloaded episode 7 of US biggest loser so will watch that tonite. Listened to jillians radio show last nite...her and that damn sexii voice...LOL

Someone mentioned a hula hoop on biggest loser ,,,, what a good idea...i mite go out and buy one for something extra to do between commercials.

I hae some pain in my hand which is making no sense to me....its on my right hand on the bit of your hand between your thumb and wrist. Its been sore since i woke saturday morning and i dont even know what that part of my hand is called to google it LOL, i am partly wondering if its somehow related to boxing...when i look at does appear very slightly swollen...hope its ok my tuesday nite when im back at the gym next.

Ok off to watch biggest loser...enjoy all

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Tania said...

Aren't you supposed to watch American BL at night so you can have sweet dreams afterwards? lol