Monday, February 23, 2009

Weigh in result

Well I lost 200 grams taking me to 12.5 since i rejoined on dec 15 and 32.6 altogether...and the thing is I am happy about it. It tells me the results on the scales are indicative to what i put in...i ate bad for 3 days 10 days ago i think i am lucky to get away with a loss ! Anyways this is just a quick post...but to answer your question katy I download the biggest loser of the internet using bit torrents from and if your interested you can also download jillians radio show from here simply look under sunday and you will see a archive of her shows...the shows are held US morning time and usually ready to download on about wednesday. OKies off i another 7am start tomorrow =]


Tania said...

12.5kgs since December is an awesome achievement - there's no stopping you!!!

Katy said...

Thanks for the tips Karen!! I hadn't thought to download it. Hopefully I'm not too late to catch up, could definitely do with the extra motivation!!!

kazz said...

Katy - you should have no problems getting series 7. I have managed every episode so far...i have the latest to watch tonite. I am currently downloading series 6. If you do have any probs tho lemme know and ill see if i can help =] and if you want extra motivation jillians radio show is good too (can u tell i like her? hahah !)