Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Toooooooooooosday !~

Well i was one very sleepy and thirsty weight loss princess this morning! Dunno why but i was so thirsty when i woke and didnt feel 100% but i think it was just overtiredness. I feel perfectly wunderful now. Today i finish at 3pm....less then 3 hours away and dont start work till noon tomorrow YAY. So tonite i have my resistance PT session at 7pm...and i have the new episode of the L word already downloaded ! And i am so looking forward to crawling into bed after my PT session tonite and ummm relaxing with the L word gals hahahahahahaha

We got some news our rosters are changing today ! Its just a lil change but its good news....they have added a extra week of 7am starts to it....which means the roster is now 8 weeks and not 7 and what this also means is i will now have 4.5 weekends out of 8 off instead of 3.5 weekends out of 7 which is much better.

My heel is still bloody sore. I know the only cure for it is no walking and to get stuck into cycling (it strengthens the calf muscle which helps) but gawd ! i so wish i could go for nice walks with my mp3 player but with it how it is now even when i dont have any weight on it its often sore...was sore while lying in bed last nite. I can still exercise like normal just no walks over 15 minutes.

Everything else is going good...im on track...subway for din din tonite....yum yum....will be off to the gym before long....enjoy all


donna said...

glad everything is going well kazz
what kind of work do you do?

Tania said...

Have a feeling you enjoyed the L word so much more than the PT session ... lol ... good news about the roster change too.