Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well I am at home today, as I said yesterday i woke up real thirsty...when i got home from work i had a headache so went and lied down and it was sooooooooo hard to get up in time for the gym, but i did but was lightheaded after my shower again and then was also light headed while at the gym. Anyway i thought maybe i am just over tired,,,i slept till 9.30am today and prolly coulda slept all day. So I went to the docs. Anyway straight away hes suspicious u have diabetes (ugh), he had me stick out my tongue and told me i am partly dehydrated and so sent me off for blood tests. I was tested for diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, and my liver. I dont think its diabetes to be honest...ive been told all my life by docs think u have diabetes and then they test it and its always negative...but i need to find out whats going on. I have a appointment 4pm on friday to get the results. Anyway until that point hes basically told me to keep up my fluids but im not allowed to drink juice or any drinks with sugar in them.

Anyway trained last nite...and fiona told me im no longer at a beginners level ! wooo hooo ! she said im definitely at a intermediate level. I have one session left of the current program and then she will do a new program for shes getting me worried now lol she said she wants me to do more balancing stuff (last nite i did lunges with one foot on a balance ball (half a inflatable ball thing) and she wouldnt let me hold on to the bar lol it was bloody hard ! lol

And to answer your question donna i work for optus...i do tech support for their dsl and wireless broadband product. off to relax and rest...i would like to do one of jillians dvds tonite....omg and heres testament to how tired i was last nite...i fell asleep while listening to jillians show....that NEVER happens LOL


donna said...

thanks kazz i wonderd with your different shifts lol
hope the tests find out what the problem is take care

Tania said...

LOL @ diabetes - I know how you feel! Apparently doctors have also been surprised that I didn't have gestational diabetes when pregnant, it was implied that at my size surely i'd get it - shows you how much they know.

Woohoo @ being at an intermediate level - you'll be almost as much a fitness fanatic as Jillian soon :-)

I promise not to tell her that her voice put you to sleep ... lol