Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ouchie !

Well I am in pain ! Like all over ! okies enuff with the over dramatizing...my heel hurts after last nites walk...the minute i got back last nite i could feel it hurting and it hasnt hurt for a few years :( i wont go for a walk today but if its ok ill try again tomorrow...if not i mite need to stick to cycling. My upper thighs are sore too everytime i sit down or stand up (so u can imagine what its like going to the loo! lol) so obviously those squats and lunges yesterday woke some muscles up. I am also finding i am really tired this week...not sure if its me still getting over the virus or if its TOM and losing some iron or what....ill wait till TOM finishes and then give myself a week or so and see how i feel. Apart from all my whinging i feel good haha ! Did stay under points yesterday which was the first day for about 6 days so a step in the right direction.

I am trying to decide about going out friday nite, my friends dev n dayne arent going cos they have a funeral in canberra to attend, i messaged felicity said are you going and do u wanna catch up...she is going and said she will see me there...Leigh i believe is also going (they are apparantly no longer talking) also linda a chick i met at speed dating as well as robyn going...so i prolly will go...i do have to work the next day...so it is tempting to not go...i will wait and see.

I had my leave for July approved so i am going over to streaky bay for Danielles 5th birthday...OMG @ she will be 5 years old...seems amazing ... but she did invite me when i was over last time...so i will be looking forward to it. I really wanna be down to 120 kilos by then. Bit of a hard task but its doable. It would be so good catching that damn bus 20 kilos lighter or maybe i will even think of flying over. decisions decisions. I also have a week off at the end of march...which will be just a relaxing week at home mite use it to catch up with some of my friends who have kids so catching up on a weekend is a lil harder.

I am looking forward to thursdays PT session....my first proper boxing session. I did one freebie PT sssion of boxing last year with fiona...and she thought i was really good at it that i picked up a lot of the combinations very easily (prolly from my dancing background) so im looking forward to building on that and of cours getting a hardcore cardio session in each week.

I am thinking with my bonus money uncle kev is getting us that i mite buy a wii. Its a wii or a sofa...i keep changing my mind. But the thought of getting a wii with jillians game is quite enticing...altho a new sofa would be wonderful too !

Not a lot else going on...time to get back to doing some work...enjoy your day all !


Hippygal said...

My PT said that treadmills are so much harsher on your joints is it possible to walk outside rather than the treadmill. After my broken leg I got told to avoid the treadmill and only walk outside.

kazz said...

Jaxx - this was outside...but i have planteris or whatever its called...and for that reason i dont normally go walking...so this was the first decent walk for a couple of years...but ill persist lol

Hippygal said...

Oh bugger..... good luck it must be frustrating as I only had to put up with pain for 6 months and that annoyed me :-).

Tania said...

My hands up for the Wednesday of that last week in March :-) Perhaps we can see a movie again? Actually think my mum is having my kids that day so we can even go out for an afternoon session with lunch first if you're interested!

As to Danielle - OMG!!! How can she be turning 5 already? Wow! When we first met she hadn't even been conceived!!!!! Time really does fly doesn't it.

Stay focussed on your goal mate, and even if you're not under 120kgs i'm sure you'll be damn close.