Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting better !

Well apart from this throbbing headache i am feeling better this evening. I feel like i have much more energy and the eye weeping has all cleared up and i havent thrown up all day :) I still have some pineapple jelly i made earlier to eat and i have saved 3.5 points. I was quite impressed with myself so many people i get peckish some days at around today i was like hmmm wat do i have i thought i could have a nestles dark chocolate pudding for 2 points...but i knew darn well it wouldnt fill me i ended up boiling a egg. So only 1.5 points....i really love eggs and boiled is my fave way of having them (takes me back to my childhood in sydney lol) and so i had it and then didnt think about food till 5.30pm so that worked a treat.

I go back to work on saturday at first i was thinking ill go back to the gym on monday....but ive decided if im well enough for work im well enough for the gym! So as i promised gabby i would do the RPM class i will go in on saturday before work and do it. If my shoes feel fine on saturday i will test a walk on sunday. If icould start to manage long walks with no pain in my heels and soles would be a dream come true and really help fingers crossed the shoes help with that....if not i think a podiatrist appointment will be in order.

I ate a cherry tomato off my plant today ! So yummy and fresh tasting, i was looking at the yates site earlier...and lettuce can be planted at the thats what ill get next prolly in a week or so, i was at the garden store on tuesday but they had no lettuce except rocket but that mite be related to the heat so ill try again in a week or two (they didnt have a lot of seedlings) SInce I have bought the chilli plant home too it seems to be going well too.

Have a good nite all !


Tania said...

LOL ... that's the good part about being slack with reading blogs - when I read a few days all at once the different person you are is obvious!

5 minutes ago I was reading about your "binge" and now you're saying if you're well enough to go back to work on Saturday you can go back to the gym - who is this girl?

Hope you start feeling 100% soon!

Jody said...

Tania, we both know our "Princess" will never be 100%...then what would she complain about?? Hahaha! Awww we wuv you.

Seriously, you did turn this around quite quickly and I'd have to agree with Tania. "Where's our Kazz? And what did you do with her?"

I remember the ole days when you'd get down on would last for awhile. Now that your endorphins are kicking in and your seeing and feeling success with WW you have a new pride in yourself and for that I am so happy and proud of you.

Keep it up girl!!!