Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back on track....

Well back on track plan is to come under points by 3 for the next 3 days....I feel very refocused this afternoon. Even been starting to think when I get under 100 kilos I mite look at doing a certificate III in fitness....have read up a bit on it...and it would be a great way to maintain my weight loss once i have attained it.

Slept last nite from 10.30pm-9.30am i am starting to feel better but earlier did have flashing lights when trying to focus so i may be about to get a migraine :( I have downloaded jillians last 2 radio shows so if it does turn into a migraine....gonna close the blinds lie down and listen to her hawt sexy voice...ummmm i mean listen to her advice !

Im keen to see tonites biggest loser to see whats going on with amanda....they are saying on the add something bad happens to her and they show a ambulance i hope shes ok and not leaving the show cos of a health issue =[

Okies off i go enjoy all =]

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Tania said...

LMAO @ Jillian's voice - and I bet that's why you're watching the American show to see her "fitness advice" :-)