Friday, February 20, 2009


YAY its friday ! Went to the gym last nite and did the PT boxing session which went so well ! had done a boxing session once before back in november....and fiona was like your fitness has increased so much last time we did this...she was like...last time we did this you needed to stop between each exercise and you got dizzy a lot...i was slightly dizzy towards the end but not enough to not finish the session so YAY she then told me its obvious im more confident out there (as in where the weights etc are) cos she said i was much more confident in the session just with me and her. So i think we can classify that as a NSV! (non scale victory for the uneducated lol)

So tonite i am going out and i am looking forward to it ! Spoke to robyn last nite and shes not going and i started to think oh chit will just be me with leigh and felicity (i havent seen them since the debacle) anyway i messaged felicity and she replied with the longest message she has for a while which made me feel good and that maybe ive been reading too mcuh into things. Anyway she said she wants to just get out and dance and have fun which sounds grand to me ! She will be a lil late but ill text leigh later to check what time she will be there...also Linda who I met at the speed dating nite is going and she said she is gonna look out for me too. THEN last nite jaimee rang me (she is str8) and i said im going out for a girls she may come for a lil while i am now EXCITED. Lets not mention that Ryan asked me to meet him at the mars bar at MIDNIGHT on saturday nite...holy moly im normally snoring by then hahahhaha but we will wait and see.

Oh and the good news is .... i was only 400 grams of what i was last weigh in day this morning ! limit of 3 glasses of champagne tonite and i will dance my lil butt off

Okies time to do some work before the fun stuff starts !

Update : texted leigh earlier...and she suggested we meet up before hand and get some she has booked us in to hogs breath for dinner...;)

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Tania said...

OH NO - not Hogs Breath!