Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well last nite didnt turn out the way I hoped. I got home...and first drama could not find the hair colour i had i tore my house up trying to find it...wouldnt u know it...this morning i came downstairs and there it was in a bag on the kitchen sink grrrr yes me and Leigh did go out for dinner as FRIENDS was not a date or anything like that. We went to hogs breath cafe where i had a lite steak with no sauce and i trimmed off the small amount of fat on it, salad with no dressing and a plain baked potato Leigh had exactly the same except she had a dressing on her salad. Anyway was a really nice meal...we get along really well so just chatted and chit...she did ask me how things with felicity are...i told her i didnt know...that things have been strained but i was hopeful the night would help, i also explained more about why i told felicity and I think she gets that now too. Would u believe she also asked me why i never had any friends and I ended up telling her about my chat room addiction...i dunno why i told her that ! Anyway then she wanted to take her car back to her hotel and then catch a we went back to the hotel and yes to her room LOL but was completely innocent....she had a drink while there and we stood out on her balcony talking and then she showed me pics of the kids she fosters...was all rather nice. We then went to the club...and I must admit we perved lol we sat there going okay scan the room from here to here....whose hot? LOL anyway after a few more drinks felicity finally turned up...she said hi then turned her back on me which i thought was rude...but...yanno i think im just gonna suck it up and accept that the friendship just isnt there. I must admit i was pissed off at the i ended up leaving...sent leigh a text when i was halfway home saying id left didnt text done over and I said to Leigh last nite...i cant make someone be my friend. Anyway I was home and asleep by midnight which was good. Had a slight hangover this morning...had some raisin toast for breakfast and will have my weetbix for lunch and i feel all good now.

Woke this morning and was laying in bed and I noticed a pair of pants all nice folded in my wardrobe, these are pants i bought at katies not last christmas but the christmas before all this time they have NEVER come close to fitting i held them up and thought nah these will be too small...well holy moly ! They fit ! There is no elastic to them at all ! They are "proper" pants i am so impressed ! And so I have been strutting in them today at friends partner tony said..."look whose getting skinny" to me today ! OMG seriously despite the other shit u really cant knock the smile of my face at the moment hehe. I did take a photo before I left last nite...mite take one when i get home today too and then upload it lol. Everything else is good...I finish work at 5pm and then i am off tomorrow which i am looking forward too...mite even venture to the garden store....have a good day all !

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Tania said...

Love your attitude re Felicity - if that's still happening after all this time she's not worthy of your friendship.

I didn't know Hogs Breath did light steaks - might have to keep them in mind now after all ... lol

Congrats on the pants - it's an awesome feeling isn't it? I've noticed a massive difference in my clothes over the last week or two, things that were tight are really quite lose and it's kept me focussed when the numbers on the scales have been lower than expected.