Thursday, February 19, 2009

All going good !

Busy busy day today. I am working till 4.30pm (and we wont mention my bus didnt turn up and I was 15 minutes late to work ! argh!) then I need to scoot from work to the gym for my PT session of boxing YAY !!!! Then as it is pay day i then need to dash to the shops to do my grocery shopping HOPEFULLY...if they are running late at the gym shopping may need to wait till tomorrow after work but I will play it by ear. I'd prefer to get it done tonite as I am going out tomorrow night.

Funny how getting on track AND knowing i am going out tomorrow nite has put the "buzz" back into me (and all you from my facebook behave and no naughty comments about the BUZZ !!!) i really feel good...whilst I am glad i had that break from Leigh and felicity and going out maybe i didnt go out for a tad to long...i have that "happy happy" feeling inside me...which i am starting to realise when i dont focus on just one thing (such as online chit) that i am in a better frame of example is last nite....i got home from work...cooked dinner and ate....then went into the ww chat room for a short time...then went watched biggest loser...then went back up and chatted in the ww room for a bit more...then went and had a cool bath and settled down and watched L word....whilst yes not all these things are active (actually none are except for the running up the stairs to the bedrooms/shower lol) i am doing different things im not plopping myself in front of the tv for 4 hours at a time or something ridiculous like that. I am also thinking on my days off I need to not spend a entire day at home...its not uncommon for me on a few days off to not venture out of the house and of course that leads me to sitting in front of the computer. Now not saying i need to be out of the house for 10 hours or something so i have sunday off and i think i mite venture down to the junction markets...i will prolly only be out and about for a hour or two but its still breaking up the day, getting me out and about and LIVING. i havent been out to the junction markets for ages so should be interesting at the very least.

I just got a text that PT sessions are increasing in price from march 1 ! argh! So i pay for one session per week as part of my contract, and the second session i bought 10 weeks of with the plan to repitively do that...but the extra session is $410 for 10 weeks.....i cant really afford it to go up anymore so im going to ring them this arvo and see whether if i go on a new 12 month contract with 2 PT sessions if the price would be decisions decisions...but anyway off i go to do some work ! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and my scales dropped by another 700 grams this morning ! YAY

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Tania said...

YAY for the scales dropping! As to the price of the PT session, judge it by seeing how much benefit you feel you get out of them - i'm sure if you notice a big enough benefit you'll find somewhere you can cut back to afford the extra sessions.

Oh and if you need extra motivation as to whether or not they're working - check out your latest pictures ... lol