Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deep breath

It is time to take a deep breath...

Why do we time and time again not do whats right for ourselves? Why does the lure of food catch me out so often...ummmm can we say laziness? Too lazy to lazy to walk down the shop and buy some fresh ingredients...too lazy to do so much. I have had 4 days now of being off track (that said yesterday i was good and today ive been not too bad) but not good enuff...I have FINALLY moved my mattress upstairs...and i feel so much better for it. (it exhausted the crap out of me tho lol) I am about to play in my fave daily gammon tourney (they play trivia with it) then i am going to go and pull out my ww folder and some recipe books and sit down and do some reading followed by cooking some dinner and watching biggest loser. The plan is then to water the plants and go for a walk...mite only be a 15 minute walk but i am going to go out !

I was talking to Leigh earlier and I suddenly said...I havent been out since my birthday (we went out january 2) she was like omg girl you need to get out ! And shes right i dunno what the attraction of sitting on my ass in my living room is. Tomorrow i am still deciding between body pump and the amazing abs class. Fiona thought id cope fine with body pump as long as i didnt judge myself against others and lose confidence in myself.

The thought of getting rid of my computer is there. I do wonder whether 12 months of not having a computer would help me. I could still track via a written journal and transfer the info to the ww site at work...i'd still be able to check emails and update the journal at work. I just really do wonder if it would be best to disconnect the DSL and give myself 12 months of getting focussed on to my life. Its a thought...not a definite thought but it is a thought.

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