Sunday, February 15, 2009

Damn that TOM

oh beautiful that time of month has arrived....lucky me eh? Mite make a bit of sense why i was so hungry last few days but regardless..i am focused today. I have put on several kilos...part of this is prolly due to TOM and partly due to what I have been eating. I did drop 700 grams over night. So I am currently about 1.9 kilos over what I was last weigh in day. But in another few days it should have dropped significantly. I am not concerned about the last few days more i think about it its a combination of PMT and the fact i was sick. And i am so glad i worked yesterday...felt good being in the company of others (when u live alone one problem is when u do get sick....u are left to talk to the 4 walls and not much else lol) But I am starting the day really well boiling a egg as we speak, i am going to have low fat carbonara for dinner tonite. I am about to take some ponston so hopefully that will help with the period pain...and then if i start to feel better this afternoon i mite walk down to the junction markets. Not a lot else to off to play some gammon after ive eaten my egg AND my mattress i AM moving back upstairs today...have a good sunday all

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Airlz said...

It sounded like u were going to eat your mattress! hehe! I am so proud of you for getting back on with it - wish i could find your strength at the moment.