Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back at work...for one day anyway lol

Well after 3 days of lying down and resting getting up and facing the real world today has knocked me around a bit. I stayed lying down till about 10.30am then got up to go have a shower and felt faint ugh...managed a shower...rested for 10 minutes then headed off...i still feel kinda woozy but i think thats from having spent 3 days lying down and also not eating great. I am getting back into it today altho taking it slowly (so no didnt go to the gym) i am guzzling water...had weetbix for breakfast and have a ww meal for lunch...for dinner i will make tacos. I then have the next 2 days off. Tomorrow I am planning to be active .... I will see how I feel but im aiming to slowly do a few bits and pieces around the house and then if i feel up to it in the afternoon i will test out the new gym shoes with a walk. Hopefully by monday i will be fine for my PT session.

I have decided to not go to weigh in on monday...i have gained...i know i have (ummm about 2.6 kilos!) i know im premenstrual...but i know its cos of my eating its a huge focus on this....and as im not going to the meeting monday nite...its on the proviso i go and do a extra session at the gym so im debating what to do monday....i ahve my PT session 11.30am i could go and rest for a hour and have some lunch and do a body pump class OR i could do PT and then go back in that nite and do the amazing abs class....decisions decisions hawt gabby does the body pump class so haha must say its tempting to do that one ! lol

Okies i am at work today so off i go to do some...enjoy ur day all

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Tania said...

Good for you on slowly building up the activity! Have to admit I start to feel like that when i've been resting a lot too.

As to not weighing in on Monday, well as you know I decided to do that last week and have to say it's come back to haunt me, but I think we need to do whatever we have to to get through each day/week etc!

Just make sure you get that extra session in at the gym - we'll be watching you ... lol