Monday, February 16, 2009

Cleavage sweat !

sweat on your tshirt between your boobs is not overly attractive is it? Well no it isnt but it felt damn good seeing it there during my session today. Fiona was realy impressed with me...all my weights went up she even noticed i am finding some exercises relatively easy now so she increased the difficulty on some. She said i am progressing really well. I knew going to the gym would get me back on track. I am doing a boxing session with her on thursday. I am a bit disappointed cos i still had burning on the soles of my gonna buy soem thick athletic socks and see if that helps....jaxx i recall u mentioning a brand ages ago? Hawt gabby was there today and she said "we missed u on saturday karyn" n fiona said i was sick...she then said do u live in prospect? I was like yeh....she was like i saw u walking i was on and saw u i was like yeh thats my street and she said yeh i have someone i train at their place on wednesday arvos....hmmm mite have to keep my eye open for her hahahahha.

Also got the ww magazine today...shortly i am gonna go downstairs and have a read of it...and on that note....i did something ive been saying im gonna do for ages,,,,i moved the laptop upstairs ! The living areas are all downstairs and so to use it...for one thing i have no tv in here and also i need to climb the stairs to come up and use it ... i am already noticing i am not sitting constantly in front of it. So a step in the right direction. Overall I feel much better today, okies off I go enjoy ur day all

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Hippygal said... This is the ones I have, have found them brilliant and lasted really well. expensive but well worth it :-)