Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another photo

Well just got home from the gym, have about 10 minutes then i gotta go get organised for work. Was good at the gym tho...i did a PT session in boxing...phew what a work trainer said tho i picked it up really quickly....some of the stuff she said it takes people up to 4 weeks to learn and i was doing them in my first session lol...having done dance for so long as a kid means i can pick up movement and steps easily. Anyway the session was fun...i did get dizzy at the end....but boy i worked hard so i think definitely in thenew year i will buy a block of 10 boxing classes. Then I went to see the dietician we talked for about 10 minutes...we decided to change a few meal options. Next week i am going to take my STGTBT books in too and shes gonna go thru them with me so i can work out which recipes i can make that fit into my plan. The other thing she said is once a week to have a meal that is healthy but not restrictive to my plan. We also discussed my issues about my social life....she said definitely dont stop that...she thinks it is important but i just need to work consistently on balancing it out. Okies off I go ! Oh and heres another photo...its from the ofest day we had at work recently...its me an my friend jaimee...we were able to order up to 20 prints FREE so i have ordered this one

Oh and wish me luck....going speed dating tomorrow nite and spending saturday arvo with sis and niece and nephews and sunday having a me day at home - roll on the weekend ! byesssssssssssssssssssssssss

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